Q: How do I know if my child qualifies for help from Carolina Children’s Charity?

A: Your child must meet all three basic criteria to apply:

1. Birth to age 18

2. Reside in the Lowcountry area of South Carolina. Our coverage area includes the following counties: Berkeley, Charleston, Colleton and Dorchester.

3. Diagnosed with a birth defect or childhood disease

Q: My child was born premature. Are we eligible for assistance?

A: Our mission is to help only those children who are diagnosed with a birth defect or childhood disease. Premature babies issues can resolve as they grow up. If long term medical problems occur and there are issues with their development then CCC may be a possible resource. Some issues resolve and others arise as children age and face new challenges. Some of these diagnoses may qualify for assistance, but CCC is not able to assist with hospital bills related to birth or prematurity.

Q: My child was injured in a car crash. Are we eligible for assistance?

A: Our mission is to help only those children who are diagnosed with a birth defect or disease.

Q: I’m not sure if this request falls within the Charity’s grant guidelines. Should I still send in an application?

A: Call Sonya at 843-737-1200 if you have any questions. We do not cover medical expenses not related to the child’s diagnosed birth defect and/or disease. CCC is not able to consider a grant for medical care/medical bills, supplies, equipment or therapies under any circumstance that relate to the birth of a child, a diagnosis of prematurity, trauma or an accident. We do not cover funding for summer camp.  The charity can only award a grant if your child has been diagnosed with a birth defect or childhood disease.  CCC does not cover iPads or iPad applications.

Q: How do I apply for assistance from Carolina Children’s Charity for my child?

A: First, review the three basic criteria. If you meet these, then you must complete a grant application. We also need a letter from your child’s physician that confirms your child’s diagnosis and confirms that the request would be medically beneficial/necessary for your child. This letter must be signed by a Medical Doctor. CCC is not able to accept orders written by other medical professionals.  If your request exceeds $300, we must have a copy of your most recent Federal Tax return. The charity only needs the top two pages and it must be no more than 2 years old.


Q: Are grant funds paid directly to families?

A: At no time are funds transferred to families. All grants awarded are paid directly to the vendor to pay for equipment, medication, medical evaluation or testing, etc.

Q: I’ve sent my application in. How long until I know if my application has been approved?

A: Once we have received all components of the application (completed application form, doctor’s letter, tax returns and progress reports, if applicable), your application will be reviewed by the CCC staff. If the request exceeds $500.00, a committee of the Board of Directors must review it. Generally, this committee meets on a monthly basis.

Q: My husband and I both work and we have health insurance. Can we still apply for assistance?

A: Yes. Most of the families we help have gainful employment, private insurance or Medicaid. CCC is able to help with medical expenses that are not covered by any insurance plan but still are medically necessary and/or beneficial. Or, your deductibles and co-pays are so high and numerous, between therapies, doctor visits and medications, that you just need a little extra help. That’s what Carolina Children’s Charity is here for.

Q: We have so many medical bills, we’re having trouble paying the rent/electric /water/telephone bills. Can the Charity help us?

A: You may wish to submit an application for assistance with your child’s medical costs. For the other items, call Trident United Way by dialing 2-1-1 or 744-HELP from your cell phone. You may also wish to contact your social worker, early interventionist or service coordinator for assistance.


Q: Is Carolina Children’s Charity in need of volunteers?

A: Thanks for wanting to give of your time! We really only need volunteers for our special events and to help us raise money so we can help more children. If you’d like to donate your time to help Carolina Children’s Charity, please contact our office.  If you have an idea for another fundraiser, please call the charity office at 843-769-7555 to discuss your ideas.


Q: If I make a donation to Carolina Children’s Charity, will it be tax-deductible?

A: Yes, as allowable by law. We are recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, meaning most donations are tax-deductible. However, for donations of appreciated securities, services and property, you may wish to call the Charity office and your tax advisor.

Q: How can I make a donation to Carolina Children’s Charity?

A: You can make a donation to Carolina Children’s Charity at any time, using our secure online donation form. Visit our donate section for more information.


Q: What are your deadlines for receiving grant applications for individuals?

A: Families can submit applications any time during the year. The Grants Committee generally meets the second Tuesday of each month to review applications that exceed $500.00. So, if you submit your completed application by the first Monday of the month, it will typically be reviewed the next week if all components of the application are complete.

Q: How can I submit my application?

A: We’re flexible – send it to us by mail, e-mail, or contact the charity office to schedule an appointment or drop off time to assure someone is in the office prior to stopping by.